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Why travel with us

Why travel with us

What Makes Us Different?

At Africa Tailormade, we believe that luxury travel should not only be unforgettable, but also leave a positive impact on the destinations we explore. That’s why our mission is to provide personalised, high-end experiences across Africa that are sustainable, responsible, and tailored to each guest’s specific interests and expectations.

Our team of Travel Specialists have extensive first-hand knowledge and expertise of all the destinations we sell, allowing us to create world-class luxury safari itineraries that are truly life changing. Our strong relationships with key partners throughout Africa allow us to offer unbeatable value, while never compromising on the quality of the experience.

24/7 Service & Support

At Africa Tailormade, we prioritise the satisfaction of our clients and provide round-the-clock service and support. Our team of destination specialists are highly trained and dedicated to crafting customised itineraries to meet your specific needs. Rest assured, from the moment you initiate contact with us, we will be there to attend to your every requirement, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

First-Hand Knowledge & Expertise

We take pride in our first-hand knowledge and expertise in the destinations and properties that we offer our clients. Our Travel Specialists are intimately familiar with the destinations and properties through their visits and extensive research, which enables our team to provide in-depth insight and understanding of the unique attributes and finer details that contribute to a memorable dream holiday experience.

Strong Relationships with Suppliers

We have established robust and trustworthy relationships with our key partners throughout Africa, built through years of dedicated collaboration and mutual respect. These strong ties allow us to consistently deliver exceptional services and experiences.

Why Travel With Us?

Africa Tailormade is run by a dynamic community of travel experts who understand the needs of our clients.

Tailored to You

We build your holiday around what you want, not our preferences. We take the time to understand what you enjoy so we can create the perfect holiday for you.

Tailor-made Itineraries

Africa Tailormade offers highly personalised itinerary planning services, crafted to meet the individual preferences and requirements of each guest. Our specialists provide expert advice and guidance to ensure that each itinerary is customised to the unique interests and desires of the client, resulting in a perfectly tailored and unforgettable holiday experience.

Personalised Attention

We are committed to providing personalised attention to each and every client, to whom we assign a dedicated Travel Specialist who is a seasoned expert in the key destinations in which we specialise throughout Africa. Our specialists regularly visit these destinations to maintain a thorough understanding of the local offerings and to ensure that our services continue to meet the highest standards.

Unbeatable Value

Africa Tailormade is dedicated to providing unbeatable value, which is made possible through the strong and trusted relationships we have with our partners. Our ability to secure exceptional deals and offers, combined with our commitment to preserving the quality of the experience, allows us to provide the best value in the industry, unparalleled by others.

Responsible Travel

We prioritise responsible travel and strive to minimise our impact on the destinations we visit. Recognising the significant challenges posed by climate change, plastic pollution, and global poverty, we are fully committed to promoting sustainable practices both in the workplace and in the destinations we promote. Our goal is to leave a positive imprint, promoting responsible travel and environmental awareness in all our operations.

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