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Why Visit Zambia?

Zambia is considered one of the safest countries in Africa, ranking only beneath Botswana on the Global Peace Index when looking at Southern African countries. The country is completely landlocked, so there aren’t any beaches, but the astonishing wildlife, rivers and waterfalls more than compensate for this.

Few places in Africa offer an equally superb opportunity for exploring the continent’s diverse, magnificent terrain. Zambia is less popular as a tourist destination in Africa, which allows visitors to take in the unscathed terrains and feel a sense of exclusivity in every experience.

Spectacular game parks offer some of the most outstanding game viewing opportunities available. Lush terrain boasting rivers and some of the world’s most amazing waterfalls, including the notorious Victoria Falls, offers ideal habitation to large wildlife populations. Approximately 30% of the country’s total land area is dedicated to the preservation and protection of indigenous wildlife.

Culturally, Zambia has a strong indigenous African presence, relatively uninfluenced by western culture. African crafts, such as carvings from ivory or wood, pottery and baskets are around every corner in local markets. Traditional singing and dancing are also an important cultural practice in Zambia and music features strong use of African drums.

The various lodges within the national parks are closed during certain times of the year due to rainfall. Please ask your Africa Tailormade specialist for further information.

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You have an excellent chance of seeing lots of wildlife in Zambia during the Dry season (May to October) when the animals gather around rivers and waterholes. A Wet season safari (November to April) is more challenging, as a number of parks and camps shut down because of the heavy rain. The Mfuwe section of South Luangwa National Park is an exception: you can drive its all-weather roads year-round.

Best Time

May to September (for a safari)
February to May (to visit Victoria Falls)

High Season

July to October

Low Season

November to April (the parks are very quiet; many camps will close down)
October to January (there will be very little or no water on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls – lowest levels being November / December)

Best Weather

April, May and September (pleasant temperatures; the short afternoon rains of April rarely affect your safari)


6 nights Zambian Signature Package

Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, Lower Zambezi National Park


6 nights Unspoilt Zambian Wilderness

Lower Zambezi National Park and South Luangwa National Park

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What to See in Zambia

Victoria Falls

Zimbabwe has an entire national park named after its most prided waterfall – the Victoria Falls National Park.

The area of the Victoria Falls National Park is a lush forest is filled with ferns, vines and woodlands. Animal life in the park includes various species of antelope, hippos, elephants and buffalos.

Another wonderful Zimbabwean reserve; the Zambezi National Park is a fantastic place to experience one of Africa’s most prominent rivers – the Zambezi river. It’s the largest river flowing into the Indian Ocean and, of course, the home to the Victoria Falls. Bright blue African skies contrasting with the lively green landscapes and sparkling waters creates one of the most picturesque views imaginable. With many luxury travel lodges in the area, visitors can enjoy the African scenery in comfort.

Activities: tour of the falls, game drives, microlight flight, white-water rafting, swimming under the Victoria Falls, stream train journey, helicopter flight, gorge swing, river cruises, canoeing, day trip to Chobe National Park

South Luangwa National Park

With approximately 9050 square kilometres of land area, South Luangwa National Park offers some of the highest concentrations of game to be found in any African park. The life-giving Luangwa River that runs through the park creates fertile lands capable of supporting large animal populations.

Walking safaris and game drives are among some of the most popular ways to explore the park’s incredible wildlife presence. As far as accommodation is concerned, lavish lodges ensure visitors a world-class travel experience in the heart of Africa.

Activities: game drives, guided walking safaris, star gazing, bird watching, swimming,  sleep-outs under the stars

Lower Zambezi National Park

The Lower Zambezi National Park was founded in 1983. As one of the newer additions to Zambia’s national parks, Lower Zambezi isn’t as developed as many of its counterparts. While this might seem like a disadvantage, the unspoilt natural environment is what makes the park even more attractive to visitors hoping to see African nature in its rawest form.

Visitors can expect to see minimal human presence in the park, yet some of Zambia’s most luxurious, award-winning lodges are situated on the Zambezi riverbank, ensuring a tranquil and homely environment to return to after a day packed with exciting activities.

Activities: day and night game drives, bird watching, swimming, guided walking safaris, boating safaris, sleep out under the stars, star gazing

Kafue National Park

The Kafue National Park is the third largest national park in Africa. It’s a good 3000 square kilometres larger than the Kruger National Park in South Africa, but much less well-known. As a result, the park receives very few visitors by comparison, especially for its size. Not many other places offer an equally impressive chance to enjoy large open spans of unadulterated African terrain.

The immense size of the park allows it to harbour diverse wildlife – all to be enjoyed in an environment of absolute tranquillity, seeing as there will be few or no other vehicles travelling the roads. This means that every moment and every animal sighting will be exclusive. 

Activities: day and game drives, bird watching, swimming, boating safaris, walking safaris, star gazing

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