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Hermanus Rainbow Trust

'You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough' - Mae West

Hermanus Rainbow Trust

Hermanus Rainbow Trust is a non-profit organisation that distributes its services to various support centres in the Western Cape, South Africa.  Namely, Buffelsjag, Gansbaai, Stanford, Hermanus, Zwelihle, Kleinmond and Betty’s Bay. The organisation’s main focus is to provide social development services and support, to orphans, vulnerable woman and children, and disadvantaged families in impoverished communities. By means of a five-step programme, the trust empowers those they assist with basic human rights that include the right to education, nutrition, clothing, emotional support and most of all, protection. Hermanus Rainbow Trust relies heavily on donations and calls on the public to stand together to better the lives of those who can’t.

On an ongoing basis and for the past five years, Africa Tailormade have sponsored two young children – Keomorata Matee and Simbonile Nqinleyo.

Keomorata Matee (Male)

Date of Birth: 1 September 2006
Mount Pleasant Primary

At Home

Keomorata lives with his two sisters, one of whom is married with two children, in a tree roomed shack in the “Dubai” section of Zwelihle. Both of his sisters are not working and its only Matuka’s husband works, but his income is not sufficient to sustain them all. They also use the fostering social grant to support them. There is no electricity so they use gas for cooking. They have to walk a short distance to get water and to use the public toilets. Keomorata is happy at home.

At School

Keomorata is now in Grade 8 at Gansbaai Academia School and is doing well academically. He attends school regularly, in accordance with the Covid 19 Schedule, completes his homework, and is neatly dressed. He would now like to become a Doctor one day.

Simbonile Nqinileyo (Male)

Date of Birth: 25 November 2010
Die Bron primary, Stanford

At Home

Simbonile lives with his mother and one sibling (the other sibling has moved to their Granny in the Eastern Cape). His mother works part-time but only earns R1000,00 a month when she does. Simbonile shares a bed with his mother. He is happy at home.

At School

Simbonile has done well at school and is now in Grade 4 at Die Bron Primary School, in Stanford. He attends school regularly, in accordance with the Covid 19 Schedule. He completes his tasks and is neatly dressed. Simbonile would like to become a teacher one day.

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