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5 Ways to Experience “The Smoke that Thunders”

5 Ways to Experience “The Smoke that Thunders”

Victoria Falls is more than just one of the Seven Wonders of the World – it is a sight and experience that humbles the soul and awakens the heart. Nicknamed Mosi-oa-Tunya, “The Smoke that Thunders,” this breath-taking waterfall is the largest single sheet of moving water on Earth.

So large and powerful is Victoria Falls that it encompasses all the senses. With over 600 litres rushing over its edge each minute, you are introduced to the showpiece of Africa by its mist. Great plumes of spray stretch high into the African sky, seen from 30 kilometres away and reaching heights greater than the Eiffel Tower. You grasp the power of this majestic attraction next through sound alone – a magnificent roar engulfs you as millions of litres of water plunge 100m into the gorge below. As you encounter the waterfall, you will note the hundreds of rainbows that spring up from the waters below, covering your views in pops of colours that are starkly juxtaposed against the raw essence of Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls stretches 1.7 kilometres in length, and is straddled either side by Zimbabwe and Zambia. The eco-
system has taken on the sights and feel of a tropical rainforest, yet is still mostly undeveloped, affording visitors a natural and intimate experience with Africa. It is this innate wildness that attracts an abundance of wildlife – it is not uncommon to see elephants playing in the pools below, or glimpses of giraffe, impala, warthogs, and buffalo.

With so much to experience and absorb, there are an abundance of activities available, tailored to an individual’s taste and desire for adventure. We have listed our top 5 things to do in Victoria Falls:

Plane or Helicopter Flight:

Grasp the sheer enormity of Victoria Falls from the sky. With unrivalled views and photographic opportunities, an aerial experience affords a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Hikes or Guided Tours:

Walk through the sights and sounds of Victoria Falls with a guided hike, that offers intimate experiences and rewards. Apart from the main falls, Victoria Falls offers a multitude of incredible viewing spots, such as the Horseshoe Falls, The Eastern Cataract, David Livingstone’s statue, and the Boiling Pot.

White River Rafting:

For those with adventure and adrenaline in mind, the warm waters of the Zambezi offer some of the most heart defying Grade 5 volume rapids in the world

The Victoria Falls Bridge:

The Victoria Falls Bridge unites the two countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe, and offers picturesque views of the falls. Family friendly tours give insight into the bridge that was designed in England and shipped over, piece by piece, where it was assembled in 1906.

African Safari:

Experience the untouched magnificence that is Chobe National park, and witness some of Africa’s best-known animals in their natural environment.


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